AS LIKE AS TWO PEASRaw-converting



Selection of the frames for conversion if the customer has not done it himself.


Correction of contrasts, colors. Matching tones and colors across the series of photos. Straightening of a horizon line and cropping by the rules of balancing a frame.


Conversion of files into necessary formats and sizes. Adding a logo if needed.


The majority of photographers have long ago appreciated the benefits of the RAW format or digital negatives. Of course, the images in other formats can also be color corrected and their dynamic range can be slightly enhanced if needed. But digital negatives are matchless in this aspect.

For converting of RAW files, built-in applications of a photo camera can be used. At the same time, professional retouchers use universal converters that handle all files from different cameras (as each producer of photo cameras has his own format of RAW files).

I use Adobe Lightroom and Capture One for the batch conversion. And also Camera RAW if the files are few and after converting they have to be edited in Photoshop.

Most often the batch conversion is made for photo series; apart from having correct colors and a wide range of tones, such photos should be identical after converting. When you look at them, there is no doubt that they were taken from the same location and tell a story about one and the same event.

A part of photos on this pay has the “before/after” function. Move the mouse cursor over a photo to be able to operate this function.


This service is most relevant for wedding and family photographers, for reportage photographers. But also a series of pictures taken on a trip, during seaside holidays can also be processed this way, making a series of photos in the same mood out of them.