LUSTRE AND CLARITYProduct retouching



Removal of the background, I guarantee the high quality of clipping. I know quite a few methods to isolate an object from a background. Most often I do clipping using the pen.


Actually: removal of dust and scratches from an object. Editing the shape. If there is a possibility, I finish drawing cut off or lost parts.


If there is a need, color and lighting correction of an object is done. Adding a watermark, a shadow, a reflection and so on.


Cropping the retouched image to specific sizes. Conversion of the file into necessary formats.


When we visit an Internet shop, we would like to have high quality views of the goods. To see their shape and colors in order to have a clear idea of how the goods will look like when it gets into our hands.

Pictures taken with a compact camera having a blurred unclear shape, gray-colored, are unlikely to interest a buyer.

That’s why to win in competing for the buyer, it’s worthwhile contacting professional photographers and retouchers who specialize in object photography.

Actually, I specialize in product photography. 80% of orders which I fulfill are product photography retouching.

A part of photos on this pay has the “before/after” function. Move the mouse cursor over a photo to be able to operate this function.

Most often product photos have to be freed from an old background.

The tools in Photoshop for this case are quite a few. But on the photos with a blurred border (for example, white on white, gray on gray) the best result is given by the Pen tool.

To tell the truth, the Pen gives the best result in any case. But a professional retoucher has to always choose the fastest way to obtain the utmost quality result.

Therefore, I don’t disdain to also use the Magic wand and the Quick selection. Also, a faster way to select the needed object on a photo may prove to be the creation of masks by the means of the Calculator and the Curves.

The selection of fur and other fluffy objects also requires a lot of time and diligence, so that not a single trace is left from the old background.


One more popular type of orders is recoloring. Often, on the day of shooting, the whole range of colors may be unavailable in the warehouse, and here a retoucher can come to aid.

The precision of color transfer heavily depends on the retoucher’s experience. Such work is not for a novice in retouching.

The skills of such a retoucher have to also include the ability to create complex masks and a virtuosic mastery of such a tool of Photoshop as the Curves.

The most appropriate for dyeing are white things. But, sometimes, I come across the orders when a colored thing has to be dyed white.

Crumpled clothes. Of course, an etiquette rule and a method to decrease the cost of a retoucher’s work would be to iron the clothes. But, if something stands in the way of such succession of events, crumpled things can be smoothed out by the means of Photoshop. Curved lines – to straighten.

If you have a need for product photography retouching, contact me.

My experience and knowledge of digital photography retouching will always suffice for your tasks.