NOT TAKE THE EYES OFFHigh-end product retouching



Removal of the background, I guarantee the high quality of clipping. I know quite a few methods to isolate an object from a background. Most often I do clipping using the pen.


Actually: removal of dust and scratches from an object. Editing the shape. If there is a possibility, I finish drawing cut off or lost parts.


If there is a need, color and lighting correction of an object is done. Adding a watermark, a shadow, a reflection and so on.


Cropping the retouched image to specific sizes. Conversion of the file into necessary formats.


Internet shops of luxury goods and catalogues require higher quality processing of photographs.

The cost of insufficient quality content in this industry is very high.

That’s why, looking for a good retoucher who is able to cope with such photos often takes a lot of time.

For example, the photographs of jewelry taken through a macro lens require exceptional patience when retouching, and the average time of processing these photos makes 2 hours. And large items with a big number of gems and openwork details may even take 5 working hours of a retoucher. And there will be no way to reduce this time because in this case a retoucher also becomes a jeweler who has to polish every detail of the product.

A part of photos on this pay has the “before/after” function. Move the mouse cursor over a photo to be able to operate this function.

Jewelry and watches undergo such a detailed processing most often. And the photos of other products, especially with shiny polished surfaces, should look flawlessly too, regardless of their size and purpose.


As to retouching of pieces of jewelry, it has nearly become my major specialization from almost the first days of my work as a retoucher. The skills of drawing still life in pencil which I had gained back in my school years came in handy.

I can well see the three-dimensionality, of course, on the photos where there is one, can even out reflections and shadows on an item enhancing the shape of the item.