Removal of skin imperfections, dust and undesirable objects from the background. Adjustment of the facial shape. Correction of the skin tone.


If there is a need, color and texture effects are added. Space effects, to enhance the perception of three-dimensionality in the frame.


Cropping of the retouched image to specific sizes. Conversion of the file into necessary formats.


Portrait/people retouching is a special topic for retouchers. The more exacting the customer is, the more complex techniques are used to process the photos.

To retouch portraits which will be placed in family photo albums, on social media pages simpler and not sophisticated approaches are normally used. Along with that, also significantly less time is spent for such retouching.

But an unprofessional judge will not understand what makes this photo different from the photo on the cover of an expensive magazine. But he will be very happy to have received his portrait within a short term.

And the prices of such services are also very different, - very, very.

A part of photos on this pay has the “before/after” function. Move the mouse cursor over a photo to be able to operate this function.

The amount of time necessary for portrait retouching also depends on how much of a person has pasted into a frame.

Just the head or the full body. Whether the person is dressed or without clothes. The more bare skin there is, the more time retouching will take. Because it’s the skin that is the problem area of portrait photographs which a customer wants to correct the most.

Also wrinkles from clothes as well as undesirable objects and casual passerby from the frame are removed. In a word, every effort is being made to ensure that nothing distracts from the hero of the portrait.


In the case of studio portrait photos taken against a homogeneous background. To portrait retouching another service is often added – compositing.

Even a super interesting image of the hero of the portrait will not save the picture taken against a gray, dull background.

Make a comparison yourself. What do you think about the difference between the retouched studio portrait and the compositing?